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Some features customers will have access to include:

> Upload and share newsletters and commonly used forms.
> Post Meeting Minutes, CC&R's, or Rules and Regulations so that members can download them at any time and can stay informed.
> Showcase lists of facts about your community.
> Upload and display many photos.
> Display a calendar so that members know when upcoming events and meetings are.
> View the weather report for your community's location.
> Change the colors and background to compliment your organization.

> Receive automated meeting reminders via email.
> Browse customizable lists of information instantly such as parking spaces and storage units.
> File anonymous grievances against members who violate rules.
> Update contact and vehicle information so that an owner can be contacted in an emergency.
> Submit a maintenance request online.
> Submit a topic to be added to the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

All features are customizable. Your community determines who has permission to use them or whether they are available at all.

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